“Fake Savings” 
harms your P&L

Within our areas of expertise, your procurement departments regularly report "savings" which never materializes. At Fine Tune, we drive actual bottom-line results and administrative efficiencies within a handful of "nuisance expenses."

Is this the status quo within your portfolio companies?

  • Overspending by 20% - 50%
  • Outsized management time with undersized returns
  • Reported "savings" fails to materialize
  • "Unknown unknowns" drive costs higher and higher
  • Turnover, role changes and lean resources increase the costs of complex, low-flying expenses
  • Lack of effective and lasting solutions

Here's why we're approaching you:

  • We know you care more about the money actually flying out the door than projected “savings” in your procurement departments
  • Buyers, middle managers and other “expense owners” may perceive us as a threat to expose the shortcomings in their category-management efforts
  • Portfolio-wide initiatives with Fine Tune deliver hard-dollar savings and resource efficiencies, with the impacts multiplied in future liquidity events
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Why partner with Fine Tune

Since 2002, Fine Tune has been sourcing, negotiating, auditing and managing many of the nation's largest accounts within our targeted “nuisance" categories.

As you ask your portfolio companies to do more with less, you’ll need to augment in-house resources with intelligent strategies to drive bottom-line results.

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The path to profit recovery

Using proprietary program analysis tools, we start with a highly detailed analysis of current conditions followed by sourcing and contract negotiation, led by Fine Tune industry insiders.

Our experts then continuously audit and manage the expenses on an ongoing basis.

This dedicated, vigilant approach not only drives your category costs to optimal levels, but keeps you there over time as your personnel are working on higher priorities.

Learn more about the"Fake Savings" phenomena on the Fine Tune Knowledge Center in this three-part series:

Procurement Incentive Plan Flaws & "Fake Savings"

"Beyond the contractual and cost improvements, Fine Tune's audits have uncovered thousands of dollars in weekly savings purely by virtue of correction of overcharges."

Chris Taylor, Sr. Category Manager of Indirect Materials & Services, Flint Group

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